Where are we Located?


Once you have registered, you will receive a weekly email every Tuesday at 9am. Within the email,  we will provide a brief outline of the deal we have negotiated and secured the previous week and have available to purchase at the time of the email.

If one of the investments is one you would like to discuss and gain further information on, you would simply schedule a call back giving a preferred date and time. *Please note:- the quicker you schedule the call back the better your chances in securing the property.

We offer consultancy services of the highest quality. Services developed over many years working on complex planning and sustainable development projects, for the private, public and commercial sectors, land acquisitions, holiday lets, HMO properties and renovation projects providing a high net return.

We offer an unrivalled service looking after your interests and protecting your asset. From our experience in finding suitable properties, management is the key to sustain and add value to your asset. All of our properties can be managed by a designated property manager through Apropos.

Yes, everything is in your name. It is your asset.

No, however we will only engage with the best people to assist with and manage your investment. 

We also have a panel of brokers who can provide bridging finance, buy to let mortgages and commercial mortgages to our clients.

Around 3 months if a chain is involved. It can take longer at certain times of year, but we have a daily eye on the market, and we’re often alerted to properties before they come onto the market.

Our consultants will keep you up to date throughout the entire process and liaise on your behalf if required.